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We see a lot of sports enthusiasts out there with no proper guidance. When you are playing up against the rival team in your company or your kid is playing against a team in school, you may notice that you or your kid’s skills at the game are not up to the mark to be able to beat the rival team. You may wonder – Where am I going wrong? Maybe you are doing something wrong in the game. What may it be?

When you are looking out for reliable sources that help you understand your favorite sports, you must not just trust anybody in the sports industry. Rely on only the most trusted and knowledgeable experts in the market. So when you are having trouble beating the opposite team, look no further than XYZ.

We understand that every information we stumble across on the internet cannot explain what we need to understand about a sport. Every source cannot be reliable. When you turn to us, you will not only understand the game better but you will also learn what it takes to be the most accomplished sportsman.

Sports Information

You may be a parent of a teenager looking for a way to teach your child how to play cricket. We understand that cricket is a complicated game with so many rules built around this incredible game. How will you find what is right and wrong when you are in search of information on cricket on the internet? Yes, the internet can be overwhelming most of the time. We have a perfect solution to all your problems.

Our website is purely content driven. You can find the most useful information on most of the sports, on our website. Whether you want to learn about Cricket or football, we have got you covered.

There are tons of stores that claim they provide the best sports equipment in the industry. But, most of the time, their products are bogus. A newbie like you may get lost in the world of fraudsters. You must learn what sports equipment are used in each game and where to find genuine equipment. We are a cut above the rest when it comes to content related to sports. In case you want to learn where to find genuine sports equipment, you can go through the content on our website.

How Did it Begin?

As a kid, I wanted to be a great sportsman after growing up. My all-time favorite game was rugby. I had an advantage at this game because of my huge athletic body build. I would watch various international teams play rugby during the world cup. And as I grew I started playing rugby more and more until I was a master in it.

Something about the game attracted me the most. I would go down to watch the game along with my father and the stadium would never cease to amaze me. The crowd and fans of both the nationals support their team in an amazing way. The great passion for the game shown by both the players and fans cannot be missed. So, I wanted to be a part of the international rugby team.

However, an unfortunate incident in my life took away the dream from me. After many years of practice and prayer, I was selected to represent my college rugby team in the local intercollegiate rugby championship. I was practicing hard for the game. After many practices, we finally made it to the semifinals.

On the semifinal day, we were playing against the most strongest team of the tournament. The players were strong, well-built and their knack of playing was amazing. They were everyone’s favorite team of the tournament.

Although everything about the rival team looked great, our players had stood stronger against any of the teams in the tournament. So, we were quite positive that we would be able to tackle these players to score great points.

When the game started, our boys played really well. I put all the tactics and my physical energy I could muster together and played the game that day. Fans of both the teams roared in the stands that day as each team played.

Halfway through the game, everything looked great for us. We were leading by far more points than the rivals. If we put in more energy and tricks, we stood the chance of winning the game and going to the finals. But something unfortunate happened.

If was in the last minute, when we were winning, I was about to get the winning score for our team. The rugby ball was in my hand and three of the strongest of the rival team flanked together behind me. I was running towards the goal post with full speed and when I was close to it, I dived headfirst into the goal. As soon as I struck the ground, I had a piercing pain in my spine and I couldn’t move a little bit. I blacked out with the enormous amount of pain.

When I opened my eyes, medics were gathered around me busy strapping me tightly to the stretcher. I was taken to the hospital. All the while I had a terrible thought deep inside my brain that I was dreading to think it would turn out to be true.

In the hospital, doctors scanned my body, gave me painkillers, and took a long time to tell me the dreadful truth. Finally, they informed me that I had a major injury to my spinal cord. The next news that the doctors gave me broke me completely from inside. They informed me that I couldn’t play rugby or any other sports anymore. This news brought my life to a standstill.

After a year of treatment, I recovered physically. That was the turning point in my life. After finishing college, I decided to help the youngsters like me with sports tips and tricks and started writing this blog

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