Can I bring a skateboard on a plane? When and When not

The crucial question is: Can I bring a skateboard on a plane?

As a beginner or pro skater, you need to understand whether it is acceptable to bring a skateboard on a plane or not. Almost all airlines allow passengers to board with their skateboards. However, some airlines will only allow you to carry the board as luggage that needs to be checked-in first. Other airlines will allow you to bring your board as a carry-on item.

In this article, we will give you the insight to understand what is expected, what is not, and what to do, so that you can have a pre-eminent clarification.

Airlines from all over the world have guidelines that determine whether one can carry his/her skateboard or not. Depending on the airline you are planning to use, it is essential to understand their policies.

The Korean and Australia airlines, for instance, consider sporting equipment as blunt weapons, and will not allow skateboards to be brought inside the cabin. African airlines, on the other hand, have no limits on skateboard travel.

Domestic airlines allow skaters and beginners to carry boards on the deck while some international airlines do not.

If the airline allows you to bring a skateboard on board, bellow are rules that you should follow.

For carry-on luggage, the rules are:

  • The length of the board should not be more than 1.5748 m (62 inches).
  • The weight of the board should not be more than 22.6796 Kg (50 pounds)
  • Electric skateboards are unacceptable on a plane. However, if you remove the batteries, you will have no problem carrying your board inside the airliner.

For the checked baggage, the rules are:

  • Safely pack the skateboard using a hard or soft-sided case.
  • Pay the afore-mentioned fee depending on the weight of your board.
  • You should not bring an electric skateboard on a plane without removing the unrecompensed batteries.

If you have qualified to bring your board on board, the next step will be to understand guidelines on how to pack your board before jetting off.

Please note that you need to be cautious if you are going to connect flights.

When you depart from your Country’s Airport, you might be bringing along a skateboard as carry-on luggage (the rules do not deter). However, when you arrive at the next airport, and you need to connect to another flight, you might encounter unforeseen developments.

Most airlines have policies about luggage control. You will be unlucky enough if the connecting airline does not accept carry-on luggage. The European Airlines do not allow passengers to carry skateboards as carry-on luggage (even if you are connecting flights). This would indicate you will be required to make arrangements to get your skateboard checked-in before taking your plane. The checking process can often make you miss the scheduled plane.

So before embarking on a journey, it is essential to familiarize with the airlines’ policies, rules, and regulations.

What about an electric skateboard? Can I bring one on a Plane?

Electric skateboards are light, fast, and classy transporters that can be brought on board. But, before bringing one, you should understand a few fundamental guidelines.

  • Remove the original batteries. Many airline policies do not allow skaters to travel with the original skateboard batteries. A faulty battery can explode inside a plane.
  • If you need the best pair of batteries, look for the 99W travel batteries. These choices are the best and most recommended alternatives.
  • When you arrive at the boarding check, make sure you have the batteries’ label in place. A battery that is less than 100W is okay to travel.

What the Transport board says about Lithium Ion batteries.

You will be surprised to understand that there are batteries you can and cannot travel with on a plane. The regular Alkaline Batteries have no restrictions on most airlines. However, Lithium-Ion batteries are known to explode if overheated.

A lithium-Ion battery that is installed on any device, not necessarily an electric skateboard, should be less than 100W if you want to check it in on a plane.

It is important to contact your airline before packing your electric skateboard.


As much as there are strict regulations and policies, all airlines concentrate on making your trip as comfortable as possible. Airlines will make it their priority to have luggage arrive safe and sound.

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