How many calories do you burn skateboarding?

A lot has been said and discussed about shedding excess weight. Routine workout, is however, considered the best and most ideal way to keep your body fit. Swimming, riding a bicycle, and weight lifting can help you lose calories not only fast but in an effective way.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, is a good workout activity many did not know canhelp to improve your agility, flexibility, and balance.Away from that, the main focus here is to know the number of calories you can losewhen skateboarding: – An in-depth study to understand all you need to know aboutburning calories.

Understanding calories.

Calorie (usually denoted cal) is a unit of energy. Different foods provide different levels of calories. Macronutrients are what provide energy from food.

How many calories can one burn in an hour?

You can burn around 396 – 406 calories after an hour of skateboarding. However, it all depends on a few factors; Age, weight, and the intensity of workout play a significant role in the number of calories you can burn.

Transition skateboarding can help you burn over 769kcal an hour. But, you need to understand that over-exercising can not only cause fatigue, but it can lead to injuries and decreased performance.

When skateboarding, you are no different from a person who is working out in the gym or playing football. As a skateboarding enthusiast, you work out every single part of the body. From the toes muscles to the muscles around your arms, you would not notice quickly.

Relationship between calorie, fat, and skateboarding.

Each gram of fat is equal to 9 calories. When you have ingested more calories than what the body needs, it is converted and stored as fat. Excess fat, on the other hand, is not good. Studies show that the consumption of fatty acids in the body without exercise can expose you to risks like cardiovascular disease.

So how does skateboarding help?

To lose the excess fat, you need to go for skateboarding regularly. Depending on your weight and age, the fatty acids in your body will reduce immensely.

Below is an explanation of how to calculate the number of calories you can lose when doing exercise.

Different activities can be measured by their “MET Values.” These values determine the average and overall amount of energy required.
When you multiply the MET (Metabolic equivalents) value by your weight in kilograms, you will know the number of calories burnt.  
Example: If you sit quietly for an hour, a 60kg person will burn 60 calories (kcal). If he does an activity that has a MET value of 2, he will burn 120 calories.

To know the different MET values of various activities, you should visit the compendium of physical activity (A physical activity website) to understand the codes and values of different activities.

The calories burnt skateboarding calculator is one platform that calculates the number of calories burnt

Importance of skateboarding.

Skateboarding can not only make you lose the much-needed calories. You gain muscle and mental strength.

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