How to Become a Professional Skateboarder – Ultimate Guide

How do you become a professional skateboarder – step by step guide.

There are three critical questions most people ask that we need to answer by the end of this feature.

  • Are you tired of beginner lessons?
  • Do you want to become a professional skateboarder and compete in competitions?
  • Am I ready to make a career out of skateboarding?

If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

Professional skateboarders like Mike McGill have the experience, competitive drive, excellent reflexes, and make thousands of dollars each year. But, we are not here to show you the ways and means of making money like any other professional athlete. We are here to help you improve and become a better skater and a professional enthusiast, then make lots of money out of skateboarding.

On most occasions, regular skaters and professionals will do a 720 Gazelle flip, caballerial kickflips on a rainy day, and a crooked grind. But, these tricks cannot be learned overnight. It takes years of practice and patience.

To become a professional skateboarder, we have looked at five basic steps that will yield successful results.


Step 1. Be ready to learn from the best.

You already have a passion of becoming a pro. That’s the first step that comes naturally. Be keen to know how every professional begun. Tony Hawks, a professional skateboarder from San Diego, California, United States, reveals that he did his first trick “a 900” after twelve attempts.

A great skateboarder will argue that it is necessary to develop your skills instead of “having it from the start.”

Learn as many tricks as you can and surpass other skilled skaters in your neighborhood.


Step 2. Practice regularly and be consistent.

You cannot become a professional unless you are ready to give your best. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” It can take you years before mastering one trick, and there are hundreds of skateboarding tricks out there.

Endorsers will not be looking for a skating enthusiast. They are attracted to professionals who stand out from a list of skilled skaters. Professionals will be committed, consistent, and dedicated employees. Find enough time to develop your skills faultlessly.

How long should I practice? If you have time in your hands, it is recommended to practice at least two hours a day. If you do not have a lot of time in your hands, 7-9 hours a week will be okay.


Step 3. Join the competition and play with the big boys.

Competitions are meant to scale one’s development skills. Without attending any competition, you will not know how far you have grown in your skateboarding endeavors. Probably, you have seen athletes compete years after years. Each time, records are broken and new ones set. This daily set-up is not only healthy, but it makes them grow and become better athletes.

So, when you start competing, you begin to win competitions, gain confidence, and attract fans. Winning competitions will also get your name and rank higher. As a result, sponsors and patrons will approach you and propose contracts. These few signs indicate that you are on the right track to becoming a pro skater.


Step 4. Advertise your skills to the world and build links.

Networking is a powerful tool that can hurl you into becoming a pro. The social media has grown over the years to become a reliable and significant platform to showcase peoples’ talents to the outside world.

By taking and uploading short videos of your skills and talents, most networking platforms can help you build fans and supporters quick. After months/years of continuous hard work, you will finally turn pro. All it takes is consistency.

Also, let your fans appreciate your hard work by uploading motivational clips regularly.


Step 5. Make a living out of skateboarding.

Once you have turned professional, you can now understand how to steer endorsement deals, bargain terms and conditions. And, most importantly, choosing investment deals that assure a flourishing tomorrow.

Note that: Even after turning pro, you would still want to continue practicing actively.

Why is this? Each passing day, a skating enthusiast is working up the ladder to turn professional, just like you started. In short, they are working towards coming and replacing you. So, be a step ahead and keep fit, work actively, and be committed to skateboarding.

With the above five steps, you will be able to do tricks and drills that you always wanted, and become a professional skateboarder.

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