How to pack a skateboard for air travel.

In two days, you might be planning to travel internationally or local. You need an ultimate guide to know the way forward for the upcoming trip. In this article, we will give you the complete process for a successful outing.

Maplewood/Composite/Aluminum skateboard need a safe, secure and reliable shipping method to arrive in one piece.

Skateboards come in distinct shapes and sizes. And if you are planning to fly, there are standard procedures to follow before travelling.

The NTSB (National Transport and Security Board) has rules and regulations regarding skateboard carriage. Below are three things to consider before picking up your skateboard.

  1. Every airline is different. So, does the airline of choice allow me to carry my skateboards as a carry-on item?
  2. Will my skateboard fit in the overhead bin?
  • What does the damage control policy say about an oversized skateboard bag?

If you have considered the above, and the answer is satisfying, we can proceed to answer the fundamental question: How to pack a skateboard for air travel.

There are two ways of travelling with your skateboard:

  1. Carry-on.
  2. Checked-in luggage.
  3. How to pack a skateboard that will be carried inside a cabin (carry-on).

There are two alternatives to achieve this.

A board bag is the most common means used to pack a skateboard that will travel inside the cabin. Below is a step by step packing procedure.

  • Know the size of your board. Although skateboards differ in sizes, a standard skateboard will measure between 7-10.5 inches (18-27 cm).
  • If it is larger than the standard size, you can disassemble it to fit precisely.
  • Pack your skateboard inside the main compartment of the board bag.
  • Safely lock your skateboard’s diaphragm using the tightly-woven carry straps.
  • Zip the skateboard in place.

A duffel bag is another excellent alternative that can fit a longboard, and most skaters use to carry their boards. Duffel bags are large, durable, and flexible accessories that can house even the largest skateboard.

To carry your skateboard, you can follow the steps below.

  • The duffle bag comes with a storage bag and sturdy handles to ease travelling.
  • Wrap your skateboard using a padding cloth and a plastic wrap.
  • Cushion the bottom of the duffle bag to protect your skateboard from damage.
  • Use the compressing straps to lock all your luggage in place securely.

Some domestic airlines allow passengers to hand carry their boards inside the cabin. However, you will be required to put your skateboard upside down under your sit so that it will not roll on the planes’ floor.

What are the advantages of disassembling a skateboard before packing it?

When you disassemble a skateboard, it becomes easy to carry. Also, it is the suggested way in case you need to have your luggage weigh less. An oversized bag will weigh more.

Modern decks vary in sizes. And, your preferred skateboard might be larger than the decks’ space. So, disassembling your board will make it fit the deck allowance without any difficulty.

If you do not have a backpack, need not worry. You can securely strap your skateboard using a stretching wrap/plastic wrap with your ordinary bags and checked luggage.

  1. How to pack a skateboard that needs to “check-in.”

Countless bags work their way through the winding conveyor belts/baggage carousel in almost all international airports. Luggage that needs to be “checked-in” need a touch of care, extra care, and attention to details.

If you are planning on having your skateboard checked-in, it needs to be packed inside a suitcase. To achieve this, there are standard steps to follow.

  • Wrap your skateboard decently using two trash bags and tape. (Although an optional choice). This safeguards your board not leaving dirt marks all over other packed items.
  • The next step is to wrap the board using clothes to protect it from impact (padding).
  • Ensure your luggage is light in weight. A heavy bag means extra cost.
  • Put some identification on your package.


If you cannot check in your skateboard, it might be confiscated, and you would not want that. Therefore, this guide should help you plan the best trip ever with a faultless experience.

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