Is skateboarding a good workout – Scientifically explained

A regular workout routine has its benefits. It can make you happy, it can help you shed excess weight, and most importantly, it can help your brain develop and improve memory. A full-body workout and cardio are the ordinary exercises that most people prefer. However, did you know that skateboarding is a proven workout routine that is entrancing? Before beginning any skateboarding journey, experts will say that you need to warm up. But not just any warm-up in this case. You need to work on and concentrate your leg muscles and reflexes. Why is this? By the end of this article, we will explain the scientific benefits of skateboarding.

What Science explain

Although it may come as a surprise, experts and researchers have gone on to back up facts and evidence about skateboarding as an exercise. According to the CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), skateboarding is “a moderately intense aerobatic activity.” Scholars from around the world have likened jogging, rope jumping, and cycling to skateboarding. And that’s not all. Skateboarding is a leading sport that is considered a lifestyle and culture.

Men’s Fitness journal interviewed Dr. Michele Olson, a trainer and fitness expert at AUM’s Scharff – Olson Kinesiology Lab. Pointed out that “a skateboarder doing trickeries on their board, by pushing it around, can accelerate cardiovascular system and burn between eight to 12 calories per minute.”

Also, she continued to say that “maintaining balance on the board is a great workout for the hamstring, quads, glutes, lower back, and abs.”

Skateboarding helps to reduce excess weight.

The few people who do not skateboard regularly consider skateboarding a hobby.However, this is not the case. Skateboarding is a full-body exercise. It works your body muscles from the legs, arms to your core muscles and heart.

Skateboarding – though enjoyed much by children and teens – can be a dynamic and enjoyable workout for adults.

For instance, a 1-hour workout with your skateboard (for a 125-pound person) helps burn 280 calories. For a 180-pound person, it helps burn 440 calories.

A pound of fat contains about 3,500 calories in stored energy. So, if you work out daily, for the whole week, you will burn between 2000-300 calories depending on your basal metabolic rate.

What muscles does skateboarding help build?

As you skateboard, you build muscles you did not discern. Below are four different kinds of muscles we explain.

Abdominal muscles, muscles around your spine, and hip muscle
These muscles are also known as core muscles. When you skateboard, you crouch to make turns, jump, and balance. These activities help build muscles and burn calories at the same time.

The hamstring has four muscles that extend from the glutes to the back of the knee.When you flex your knees as you skate, you build the four muscles significantly.

Lower legs
When skateboarding, you might not realize that you flex muscles around the ankles and toes. The lower points of your legs help you keep a balance when skating.

Quadriceps femoris
Quadriceps are four prevailing muscles built around the front of the thigh. When a person skates, they work out intensely around these muscles. Frequent flexing around the quadriceps helps you accelerate quickly while skateboarding.

How does skateboarding improve mental health? And health in general?

Yes. Skateboarding benefits your self-esteem and confidence
As you reach greaters height and accomplish tough challenges, your self-esteem and confidence grow. Skateboarding is an activity/sport that teaches you to accept failure, work on your mistakes, and build a network.

Improves immune system

The immune system is the primary structure that your body is built to resist infections and toxins.

According to MedlinePlus, any workout, be it intense or carefree, can help reduce heart disease, and help the bones stay strong and healthy. Also, your body will increase its immunity and antibodies.

Mental strength

Some believe that skateboarding is like a therapy. When you take your skateboard and hit the road, your perception and judgment change immensely. You can calculate the distance to make a jump before executing it. You can kickflip at regular intervals etc.

These judgments are made subconsciously and often build your intellect. 
For a healthy living, learn how to skate more.

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